Why we are the #1 supplier of box machine set-up control system replacement retrofits

  • More set-up control retrofits installed than any other supplier

  • 32 different OEM FFG, RDC and PS machine designs running 

  • Non proprietary / Non PLC design

  • Lowest maintenance cost set-up control design

  • Lowest price set-up control system on the market

  • Most experience  -  set-up controls are ALL we do


Ignoring your set-up control problem guarantees lost profits

Box machines can last 30 years or more but control systems are typically obsolete in 7 years.  An IMC Box Pacesetter 3.0 set-up control upgrade will  get you all the benefits of the latest computerized set-up control without having to buy a new machine and at a fraction of the price that an OEM upgrade costs.  Compared to the cost of a new press you can add a Pacesetter for pennies on the dollar.

  • Minimize your set-up time in today's short-run market
  • Reduce scrap / one box set-up
  • Simplify operator skills across multiple box machine platforms

IMC Box should be your first choice in productivity improvement. Other productivity enhancing equipment such as pre-feeders, palletizers or lead edge feeders perform only when the machine is running. Pacesetter 3.0 makes your entire converting line more efficient by greatly increasing your available running time.


With over 30 years of experience IMC Box is your best solution for ALL of your set-up control problems