Your Problem … Short Runs & Long Set-up Times

Emphasis on “Lean Manufacturing” and “Just-In-Time” procurement are driving shorter and shorter run lengths. Runs currently average just over 1,000 – down from over 5,000 in 1999.

And as you strive to produce higher quality, dimensionally accurate, multicolor boxes on your existing machine, Longer Set-up Times are the result – now pushing almost 50 minutes.

Ignoring this problem guarantees lost profits.

Their Solution ... A new expensive fast set-up machine
IMC’s Pacesetter 2.0 Solution ... install a Pacesetter 2.0 and get the benefits of a computerized flexo press without having to buy a new machine. Compared to the cost of a new press you can add a Pacesetter for pennies on the dollar.

  • Cut your set-up time in half
  • Reduce scrap / one box set-up
  • Reduce dependence on operator
  • Simplify scheduling
  • Profitably put you in the short run marketplace

IMC should be your first choice in productivity improvement. Other productivity enhancing equipment such as pre-feeders, palletizers or lead edge feeders perform only when the machine is running. Pacesetter 2.0 makes your entire converting line more efficient by greatly increasing your available running time.

Pacesetter 2.0 should be an integral part of your efficient Lean Manufacturing environment.